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Jennah Jane

5 Must-Know Redhead Beauty Tips for Airport Travel

+ the best 'Redhead Friendly' approved brands when you're on the go...

By: Jennah Jane

Whether you’re taking a red eye, flying domestic or international, here are 5 redhead beauty tips to make your air time go more smoothly:

1. Hydration. Water Water Water:

Airplane travel dehydrates. So be sure to fill up on H2O before and during your flight, especially international trips.

Although the TSA maximum liquid ounces allowed though security is 3.4, you can take your reusable water bottle. Many airports offer water bottle refill stations.

2. Makeup. Keep It Simple:

Though it might be luring to look your best for the people-watchers, your skin needs to breathe. Clean sweep from your forehead to chin with a mineral powder and add a touch of 24-hour ‘redhead friendly’ mascara. Then, glide a plumping gloss over your pout to keep moisture locked in. Remember, the skin gets incredibly dry when 35,000 feet in the air. Make an effort to keep hydrated throughout your travels.

With the application of the above, if you feel your skin is getting a bit oily, use blotting sheets. Speaking of breakouts…

3. Hairstyle. Keep it Off The Face:

Travel often exposes hair to pollutants and weather conditions you might not be accustomed to.

Take to the skies with clean, dry hair. Use your How to be a Redhead hair ties to pull your red hair back in a low ponytail, keeping your lovely locks away from your face.

Consider taking a light headscarf so the back of your hair doesn’t rub on the seat, causing flyaways.

4. Packing. Make Everything Accessible:

You probably already know how to pack a suitcase (tight rolling, mix ‘n’ match outfits, etc.) but it’s the carry-on that determines your time through security.

Your clear quart-size plastic bag can hold a lot of your redhead essentials. Take along a tinted moisturizer, lip gloss, eye drops & hand sanitizer.  Some of my favorite travel-size beauty items come from the ‘redhead friendly’ approved brand: Juice Beauty.

Also, make sure you have comfortable shoes to slip off and back on to help you move faster.

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5. Snacking. For Redhead Beauty:

You can’t control if your flight is delayed or what temptations will call out to you at the food court. But you can plan to take along some healthier options to optimize your redhead glow.

Almonds: Try the 100 calorie packs.

Banana: Fruit is nature’s fast food! Just be aware of international rules on produce.

Chips: Crunchy like potato chips, kale chips are packed with vitamins and minerals to feed your mane. Buy some pre-packaged or try this recipe and pack along

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be prepared to rock your redhead beauty all over the world. Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photo Credit: Jamie Nelson