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‘Redhead Friendly’ Beauty Products You Already Have In Your Kitchen

Updated: October 5, 2020

When you get a breakout, dry patchy skin or irritation on your face or body, check your pantry before you head out the door. If the ingredients are pure enough to put on your palate, they can also be applied to your body’s largest organ –– your skin, too!  And when it comes to sensitive skin, we all know harsh chemicals aren’t the best.

Here are some easy, inexpensive fixes to keep your redhead skin rockin’:

1. Avocado

Need a moisturizing fix in a flash?! Make a mask by combining a mashed-up avocado. Gently apply to skin.  Add blended banana and organic egg yolk for extra glow. Let it absorb for about 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

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2. Baking Soda

After removing your makeup at night, blend a teaspoon of baking soda into your usual face wash for gentle exfoliation.  No need to scrub! Simply wash in small, circles on your face. Can also be used on elbows, knees and shoulders to buff out any dry spots. Read more here.

3. Organic Cane Sugar

Speaking of exfoliation, mix equal parts organic cane sugar and organic coconut oil to create a simple scrub. You can also add the essential oil or your choice for an invigorating shower experience.

4. Organic Coconut Oil

At the end of the day, when it’s time to take off the day, coconut oil works wonders in removing mascara. Keep the container near the sink and scoop out about a tablespoonful. Allow your body heat to warm it up, and the oil gently removes your makeup, without stripping your natural oils.

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5. Organic Honey

Provides healing properties that will fight acne-causing bacteria and clear out your pesky pores. Mix in some cinnamon and nutmeg for added anti-inflammatories.  Mix honey, cinnamon and nutmeg (2:1:1 ratio) to form a paste. Leave on 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

6. Lemon Juice

Brightens skin, lightens scars and acts as an antibacterial agent.  Drinking hot water with lemon first thing in the morning helps to cleanse your liver of toxins, resulting in clearer skin.  Squeeze a few drops of the citrus fruit to blend into the face mask of your choice.

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Rock it like a Redhead!