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AnnaJo Terrill

5 Reasons Every Redhead Should Love Connie Britton

She's an incredible (redhead) woman!

By: Annajo Terrill

Today is my favorite actress, Connie Britton’s, birthday!  And, in honor of an incredible 49 years of life, I’m going to use photos from her Instagram account (@conniebritton) to give you five reasons that every redhead should love Connie Britton as much as I do.  So, here we go:

1. That HAIR!

It just doesn’t get much better than the beautiful strawberry blonde locks of Connie Britton.  Nashville co-star Laura Benanti has described Britton as a “golden unicorn whose hair is like angel wings”, and this may be the most accurate description I’ve ever heard.  There is just something special about that hair that can’t quite be described using normal vocabulary–wavy, flowing, shiny?  Not good enough.  Britton’s red hair is actually so popular, it even has its own Twitter account!  Follow @ConBritsHair and let us know what you think.

2. Her favorite word is the F-word

No, it’s not what you may be thinking.  I’m talking about FEMINISM!  Britton is all about empowering women around the world, and we are all loving her for it!  In fact, you want to know the real secret behind Britton’s gorgeous strawberry mane?  Well, look no further than feminism!  Last year, she and Laura Benanti released this fantastic video explaining the truth behind these famous locks and uniting women everywhere:

3. She is in all our favorite shows

Can you honestly say that there are shows on television that you have loved more than Friday Night Lights?  Because I can’t.  Unfortunately it’s not on the air anymore, but you know what still is?  American Horror Story, Nashville, and American Crime Story, all of which I love, and all of which have starred Connie Britton.  You can currently catch Connie in Nashville and American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, but she has not actually appeared in American Horror Story since season one’s Murder House.  However, Connie has mentioned her desire to return to the show when her schedule allows it, and who on earth would refuse Connie Britton?  I think we may catch a glimpse of Britton, even if it’s only a guest-appearance in the new season–Hotel.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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4. She’s our best friend

Is it just me, or is there something about Connie Britton that makes us feel like although we’ve never met the woman in our life, she’s one of our best friends?  Several years ago I was distributing medicine with a group of women in Nicaragua, and we met a woman from Nashville who we learned was friends with Connie Britton. And while I should have been star-struck by this, instead I just thought, “Yeah, me too.”  Like, who isn’t friends with Connie Britton?  Maybe it’s the wise counseling we’ve received from Tami Taylor, or that nurturing mothering from Rayna James–whatever it is, there is a quality in Connie Britton that makes us feel like we could call her up and invite her over to watch Grey’s Anatomy with us Thursday night.  Especially when she’s wearing her very Meredith Grey-esque Dartmouth sweatshirt.

5. She is a world-changer

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Although clearly there are many things I adore about Connie Britton, this has to be what makes me love her the most.  Go ahead and scroll through her Instagram account.  When you do, you may be surprised at the lack of red carpet gowns and Nashville promotional photo shoots you will see there.  Instead, what you will see is activism.  Britton is passionate about changing our world for the better, and she’s not just talking about it; she’s doing it.  Britton is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Program, which is the anti-poverty agency of the UN.  In this role, she focuses her efforts on eradicating poverty by developing impoverished communities and empowering female leaders.  She is also a strong proponent for World Wide Orphans, and again, is not just talking about it, but actually adopted her son, “Yoby,” from Ethiopia.  Recently, she and her cast mates on Nashville participated in “Nashville for Africa,” where they worked with the African Children’s Choir.  This woman is an absolute rock star, and it has nothing to do with the fact that she sings on television.

Thank you, Connie Britton, for embodying everything a readheaded woman should be, and happy birthday!  I’ll be celebrating by watching last week’s DVRed Grey’s Anatomy if you want to come over and join me!