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AnnaJo Terrill

Connie Britton’s Hair Secret Is Out

Confidence and self-assurance is the best beauty secret in the world.

By: Annajo Terrill 

Since we first saw Tammy Taylor toss that glorious mane on Friday Night Lights, we’ve probably all been slightly obsessed with Connie Britton’s flawless, strawberry hair. And, the fact that she is 1 of the 10 redheads changing the world right now.

The hit show Nashville is again filling our Wednesday night’s, and I continue to be mesmerized by her shiny locks. How does she do it?  What is Connie Britton’s redhead hair secret?  Well, the secret’s finally out!

Thanks, Connie. I plan to use this beauty regimen every single day. Rock it like a Redhead!