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5 Easy DIY Steps for Winnifred Sanderson Hocus Pocus Makeup

It's All Just Hocus Pocus!

Maybe one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year is the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. The cult classic 90s Halloween movie got a sequel this year and it has everyone talking. For redheads, Winifred Sanderson is the obvious choice out of the 3 sisters, so keep reading to get some tips for doing your makeup just like hers. 

Step 1: Face

Winifred has a very simple face makeup look. Add a layer of matte foundation to your natural skin tone and try to get an even base. Set your foundation with a translucent powder to make sure it lasts all night.

Step 2: Blush

Focus your blush lower on the cheeks just under the apples. Keep it bright and round, no need for blending here. The blush is very important to Winifred’s makeup look so don’t skimp.

Step 3: Eyes

For eyes, you will want to focus on the main lid adding some dark brown/gray shades. Keep it focused on the lid to help hollow out the eye. Add lashes and a bit of dark eyeliner, if you like. For the bottom lash line apply a little dark eyeliner to the outer corner and minimal mascara. 

Step 4: Brows

Like most redheads, Winifred doesn’t really have brows and unfortunately for her Finally Have Brows didn’t exist in 1600s Salem. So, if you have naturally light brows just leave them be. If your brows are tinted or naturally darker you can lighten them by applying stick glue over top, letting it dry, and then applying your foundation on top.

Step 5: Lips

In the first movie, Winifred’s lipstick is focused only on the center of her lips, in movie two she seems to have modernized a bit applying it more outward. Opt for whichever style you like best in a dark brick red color.


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