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4 Winning Beauty/Fashion Lessons from Jessica Chastain

...she sure knows how to Rock it like a Redhead!

Jessica Chastain rocks. Period. She’s talented, humble (from what we’ve heard) and OWNS her beautiful red hair. We’ve been following her journey in Rome, Italy and now Athens, Greece on Instagram and think every redhead can take a few tips from her effortless redhead style. And may we say, she is looking better than ever:

1. Redheads can wear red and orange tones.

Jessica has been known to wear red often, and we love it. Pair it with a subtle lip (or even red) and let the rest do the talking.

2. Keep it classy

..with black and white tones, a great pair of awesome sunglasses and opt for a cheek low ponytail to pair with any outfit.

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3. Keep protected from the sun, in style!

We loved her caption for this photo: “My kind of sunbathing”. As a redhead, she knows we really cannot bake in the sun. We have to take extra care of our skin. This is is definitely our favorite photo (yet) on Jessica’s Instagram because it sums up how a redhead should sun bathe: covered from head to toe, while wearing a white brimmed hat and sunglasses.

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 4. Redheads can wear white!

She does it all the time. Her secret? A pop of color with hat or sunglasses to balance the look. Think your skin looks too fair against white? No way. Rock it! 

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