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Why You Need Redhead Bobby Pins

Add These to Your Beauty Bag Immediately

redhead bobby pins

Most of us have probably used black or brown bobby pins our whole life, but did you know there’s an option just for redheads? That’s right, we made redhead bobby pins! Here’s why you need redhead bobby pins in your beauty bag.


They blend better with lighter/brighter red hair

For darker shades of red, a brown bobby pin works just fine, but for those redheads with lighter or brighter shades of red, a brown bobby pin can look too dark. With multiple shades, redhead bobby pins have a color to blend with your hair.

The grip on them is amazing

Redheads usually have thicker, more coarse hair which is why these bobby pins are made with extra grip. They will hold your hair in place and won’t tug when you slide them out.

For redheads by redheads

Like all the products from the How to be a Redhead line, these were made for redheads by redheads with your hair needs in mind. Wondering what redheads are saying about the H2BAR redhead bobby pins? Check out these 5-star reviews:

Ginger pride is in the details!

“ I’ve never in my life had redhead bobby pins and it’s funny how happy they make me! I literally use them every day. I adore this company!” – Marcia

At Long Last! 

“So happy to finally have Bobby pins that match my hair! Very happy with my purchase!!” – Lee


“I especially love the dark red color. So nice to find bobby pins that aren’t yellow or brown.” – Emily


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Rock it like a Redhead!