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What’s Best For Redheads: Perfume Oil Vs. Alcohol Based Fragrances

There is a clear winner in our book

Perfumes types

When shopping for perfumes, you’re faced with a lot more options than just the scent. You also have to choose what type of perfume you want and how you want to apply it. There are two main types of perfumes, alcohol-based and oil-based. Alcohol-based perfumes usually come in a spray or roll-on, whereas oil-based perfumes are almost always rolled or dabbed on. 

These two perfume formulas can give you very different results and can interact differently with the skin. Here’s everything you need to know so you can choose the formula that works best for you and your redhead skin:

1. Alcohol-based

Most popular perfumes are alcohol-based. Alcohol-based perfumes give you a stronger and more powerful scent. They can also be applied more easily and with less mess. One drawback to alcohol-based perfumes is the way they interact with sensitive skin. Many people with sensitive skin find alcohol-based perfumes harsh or irritating on the skin. They can also be drying to the skin (and to the hair, if applied there). Depending on the perfume, alcohol-based perfumes may also have a lingering alcohol scent. 

2. Oil-based

Oil-based fragrances are gaining popularity, but are still less common than alcohol-based ones. Unlike an alcohol-based perfume, an oil-based one is more subtle and light. Often alcohol-based perfumes can be smelled from several feet away, while oil-based perfumes can only be smelled at a closer range. Oil-based perfumes win when it comes to the longevity of the scent, though. They often last 3-5 times longer than alcohol-based ones. Oil-based perfumes can be messy, which is why they are often dabbed or rolled onto the skin. However, they won’t dry or irritate the skin like an alcohol-based one. Oil-based scents also feel richer and more full-bodied because they are diluted down with alcohol. 

3. Which is better for redheads?

Each perfume type has its pros and cons, but for sensitive-skinned redheads oil-based perfumes are a clear winner in our book. Want to try some ‘Redhead-Friendly’ oil-based perfumes? Check out some of our favorites:

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NEST Seville Orange

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By Rosie Jane Dulce

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