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7 Vegan Fragrances for Redheads

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As a redhead, it can be hard to find fragrances that are suited to our unique style. We recently posted about all-natural fragrances, but we wanted to step it up a notch and recommend vegan-friendly perfumes too. Vegan beauty means it is not derived from animals or tested on animals in any way. 

Vegan perfumes are perfect for redhead’s sensitive skin because they also lack toxic ingredients found in synthetic perfumes that can be harmful to human healthVegan perfumes include natural ingredients derived from the earth, perfect for any redhead who wants to take their fragrance game to the next level.

Here are seven vegan fragrances perfect for any redhead: 

1. If you’re looking for a spicy and earthy scent  

Kalliope [Driven] from Ime Naturals

For the redhead that needs an extra boost of confidence in going after their goals, Ime Naturals, Kalliope [Driven] perfume will have redheads feeling determined, courageous and brave. The combination of basil, sage, tarragon, sweet almond, and rosehip leaves a herbal, spicy, and earthy scent that can help any redhead get out of the pandemic funk they might be experiencing.


2. If you’re looking for a rose scent 

Canyon Rose from Lake and Skye

While many of us are stuck indoors, we can only dream about what it will be like to feel the warm sun on our skin again. Lake and Skye’s Canyon Rose Fragrance Oil is inspired by the desert’s spirit, immersing redheads in the smell of the desert without fear of sunburn. Combining notes of rose petals, geranium, and vanilla, Canyon Rose, introduces a new rose scent that matches the red in all of us.


3. If you’re looking for a mandarin and blood orange scent

Slow Fire Eau de Parfum Rollerball from One Seed

For the redhead ready to ignite the fire inside them, Slow Fire Eau de Parfum uses the aromas of mandarin, vanilla, and blood orange that match our red and orange tresses for a feeling of cozinesses as we dominate our day. This unisex fragrance is 100% natural for a scent that encompasses the fire of our hair into a perfect scent that can keep the flames alive all year long.


4. If you’re looking for a spicy and sweet scent

Black Lotus from Floral Street

A fragrance meant for the feisty and rebellious, Black Lotus Eau de Parfum has redhead written all over it! This rose perfume uses centifolia roses, saffron, and papyrus to make a smell that is as spicy and sweet as our hair itself. Plus, it is the perfect complement to a redhead’s natural sweet scent.



5. If you’re looking for an upcoming spring scent 

Sun Shower Eau de Toilette from SKYLAR  

Red hair being the color of the sun itself, it only fits to put Sun Shower on the list. This uplifting scent will help bring redheads out of their winter blues to bring about a feeling of renewal in just one spritz right in time for Spring.

6. If you’re looking for a flowerly scent 

Vanilla Orchid Eau de Parfum from Good Chemistry

For the redhead looking to embrace their sweet side. Vanilla Orchid uses essential oils to harvest a flowery scent allowing redheads to embrace their spontaneous side without fear of placing parabens or propylene glycol on their skin.


7. If you’re looking for a bergamot and jasmine scent

Myth Eau de Parfum from Ellis Brooklyn

With natural redheads only making two percent of the world’s population, we seem like a myth of itself. Why not embrace the myth with this vegan Eau de Parfum which has a sexy but warm and intricate smell that is as rare as our hair itself. Ingredients like jasmine petals, bergamot, and tiger orchid create this redhead-worthy scent that’s vegan, paraben, phthalates, and curtly-free.

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