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What The Heck Is Onion Oil and How Can It Benefit Your Red Hair?

Would You Put Onion on Your Hair?

Have you heard of onion oil for the hair? That’s right. Onion.

Onions actually have a lot of benefits and can be used on the hair to promote hair health. Here’s everything you need to know about using onion oil on your red hair: 

First of all, what is onion oil?

To kick things off, you’re probably wondering what onion oil is. Essentially, onion oil is when the onion juice is extracted from the onion and combined with oil that you can put on your hair. You can make your own oil, or buy premade onion oils. 

What are the benefits of onion oil? 

Why would you put onion oil on your hair? Well, onions actually have a ton of benefits, and when combined with oil, it can be easily applied to the roots or as an all-over hot oil treatment. Onions are rich in sulfur and potassium, which means they can help: 

1.  Strengthen hair and prevent breakage

2. Help to maintain the pH of the scalp and promote hair growth

3. Prevent dandruff

4. Help soften and smooth hair

5. Delays premature color loss (possibly — not enough studies have been done on this) 

What are the things to be cautious of when using onion oil? 

Like most at-home treatments, there are some things you should be aware of before using onion oil:

1. Smell: Onions have a very strong smell and if you use onion oil, your head will smell like onions. It’s recommended to use onion oil as a pre-shampoo treatment so the smell doesn’t linger. 

2. Itch and Dryness: Overuse of onion oil may strip the scalp of natural oils which could lead to dryness and itchiness. Onion oil should be used sparingly and not very often. 

3. Hair loss: Onion oil is known for helping the hair to grow, but if you have compromised or damaged hair it may be too harsh and cause the hair to fall out. Always spot-test new products before trying them all over. 

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