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What Redhead Families Should Wear For A Fall Photo Shoot

Get the family together for special memories!

Fall family photos are a great way to capture memories you can enjoy for a lifetime. One element that makes a great photo is the outfits your family is wearing. If you’re a redhead or you have redheads in your family, you want to make sure everything looks cohesive and let that red hair shine. Here are a few color scheme ideas for your fall photos and a few tips for making the whole family look great: 

1. Choose the right ‘Redhead Friendly’ color schemes: 

Natural Tones: If you want a more neutral and natural look, try going for tones of nature. This could include sage green, beiges, and maybe a few pops white. Natural tones look great against all types of backgrounds.

Warm Fall Tones: If you really want to play up the natural colors of fall, try wearing colors like maroon, mustard, and rust. Mix and match the family so there’s not too much of one color and pair everything with neutrals (yes denim counts as a neutral). Fall-toned clothes look best in a more neutral background setting so they can stand out.

Jewel Tones: If you want something a little more rich and elegant, try jewel tones. Pick 2-3 jewel tones like light/dark purple, emerald green, and deep yellow so things don’t get too overwhelming. Pair these colors with neutrals and a more neutral background. 

Pops of Color: If you want pops of color in a specific shade like navy blue or rust, try pairing them with neutrals and even using different shades of your accent color for a gradient throughout your photos.

Dark Colors: If you just want the red hair to pop, a great idea is for everyone to wear the same color (like black) and let the red hair do the talking!

2. Tips to keep in mind to make sure your redhead family photos come out great: 

  • Make sure everyone’s hair is washed and styled. 
  • Make sure teeth are brushed and nobody has a little leftover lunch hanging around.
  • Dress kids in wrinkle-resistant clothes and check for stains or spills before you start.
  • Bring a change of clothes in case an accident happens.
  • Bring a comb and mirror for touch-ups.
  • Make sure phones, keys and wallets are all out of your pockets.
  • Instead of doing matching outfits, do outfits in the same color family for a more natural look.

Rock it like a Redhead!