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TikToker Claims “MC1R Gene Is Broken” After Using This After-Sun Ointment

MC1R is the redhead gene which gives natural redheads the gorgeous crimson locks

As redheads, we’re always looking for new and improved ways to care for our sensitive skin before, during, and after long hours out in the sun. Thanks to a recently popular TikTok video by user @depressscious, she spoke about her redhead fair skin and why she loves Vitamin E ointment. “This is what was slathered on me anytime I went outside in the sunlight,” she says. “I always knew this was waiting for me when I came inside.”

We did a little research on what seems to be a tried and true product for redheads. 

TikToker @depressscious claims it, “It neutralizes free radicals.” According to the Mayo Clinic, Vitamin E can help with vision, reproduction, and the health of your blood, brain, and skin. Vitamin E also has antioxidant properties. We know it’s good to get a healthy dose of Vitamin E through foods and supplements. 

Vitamin E ointment can be applied to the skin to help moisturize, reduce fine lines, and soothe the skin. It can also be used after spending time in the sun to help reduce the impact of free radicals on the skin. The powerful antioxidants may be effective at reducing UV damage to the skin. This ointment is not intended to be used as sun protection, but for after-sun care only.

Once you return home for the day, wash off your sunscreen and apply this ointment as part of your skincare routine

Basic Brands Vitamin E Ointment

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Basic Brands Vitamin E Ointment: $9

The TikToker ends the video with, “The MC1R gene is broken.” Meaning, the product is so good, we don’t even have to worry about painful sunburns any longer.

Would you use this product on your skin? Are you a fan of Vitamin E?


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