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Viral Facebook Group Post: Bride Shames Bridesmaid for Dying Her Hair Red 

Another Bride is Hating on Redheads...

Over the past few years, we’ve heard story after story of redheads being shamed, looked down on, and disrespected when it comes to being in other people’s weddingsWell, this time the story goes a little differently, with the same outcome.

A bride-to-be took to a wedding shaming group on Facebook because she thinks one of her bridesmaids will ruin her day. What did this bridesmaid do? She dyed her hair red before her friend’s wedding day. 

The bride who hoped her wedding would be a “classy affair” thinks her friend’s red hair is going to clash with her blush pink dress and ruin the photos. When the bride posted about this, she was hoping others would sympathize with her, but she got quite the opposite reaction. 

Here are some of the comments, pulled from the Daily Mail article:

  • “Bridesmaids are your friends not your photo props”
  • “Oh no a hair color how can you even go forward with the wedding now? The whole thing is ruined”
  • “You say you want a classy wedding, yet you get on Facebook to whine about your bridesmaid. Something doesn’t add up”
  • “I had/have bright red hair and had a blush color dress for my best friends wedding, yikes on all levels of your attitude”

We have to wonder, how would this bride have reacted if her friend dyed her hair brown or blonde? We know some brides can be tightly wound, but faux red or natural, no bride has a right to determine what color her friend’s hair is. Plus, we happen to think red hair and pink look great together. 

Thoughts? Rock it like a Redhead! 


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