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Bride Felt “Upstaged” by 7-Year-Old Redhead Flower Girl

We're seeing more and more brides upset about a redhead in their bridal party...

There’s something about weddings that bring out the worst in people, which means we’re back with another Reddit redhead wedding saga. This isn’t our first tale of a bride having issues with a redhead at her wedding and we’re sure it won’t be the last. 

In a since-deleted Reddit post, a parent discussed how their redhead daughter (age 7) was asked to be the flower girl in a family wedding. The bride told the parent they could pick out any dress she wanted and the bride approved the selected dress.

When the wedding day came, there were photos taken of the bride with bridesmaids and the flower girl. When the bride saw the photos she asked the parent to change the flower girl’s dress because she was “standing out too much”. The parent was (of course) confused because the dress had been pre-approved and that’s when the bride came out with the truth.

The bride said it wasn’t the dress that was the problem, but the little girl’s red hair. She thought her red hair was standing out too much.

While not explicitly said in the post, the consensus among commenters was that the bride probably felt the vibrant hair color was upstaging her in the photos. Unfortunately, the bride made her opinions known in front of the little girl who was rightfully upset about the negativity toward her hair.

Read some of the Reddit comments here: 

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Since the post was deleted, an automatic bot posted the original version so viewers know the backstory. Read the full excerpt here:


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