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Bella Thorne Sets Bar for Prom Attire – 8 Tips for Redheads

Most redheads experience the same frustration during prom season. Some blondes and brunettes begin planning the big evening with tanning sessions, discussion of “non-redhead friendly” makeup ideas and shopping for gowns that match their personal skin tones. On the other hand, redheads have to take an entirely different approach and opt for sunless tanners and makeup that complements their vibrant red hair and prom dress. Just take Ms. Bella Thorne as an example of this! Don’t let your prom night be a a fuzzy memory with slight flashbacks of terrible makeup and questionable dresses.

Get your prom-ready look with these tips and tricks, redhead style:

1. Half the battle for a redhead is finding the dream dress. It can take some extra looking, but some good advice is to go with “redhead friendly” colors. Joan, from the hit show Mad Men, always rocks beautiful colors to make her red hair pop. Check out her beautiful looks and if you’re in a pinch, green is always a fantastic choice.

2. It is so important to have flawless, healthy skin and nothing makes a woman feel more better, so keep it glowing with these tips.

3. As brunettes and blondes hit the tanning booths to get their glow, redheads should always be safe and choose an at home sunless tanners like these, or find a local airbrush salon. Make sure to apply the tanner 3-4 days before the big event, so it looks natural and doesn’t stain your beautiful dress.

4. Makeup is one of the most crucial steps for prom season because it can make or break your look. Redheads must know what makeup looks best with their dress and hair and able to communicate with a professional makeup artist about what you are comfortable experimenting with, such as a bright red lip or thick eyeliner. All redheads should turn to a lip color that was created for redheads,the Whip Hand Cosmetics EmpoweRED and GlamouRED Lip Palettes from the How to be a Redhead Collection. Also, use these 8 Redhead Commandments For Long Last Makeup-– so you continue to look polished and glamorous all night long!

5. Accessories are a great addition to every dress and earrings are super trendy this season. Check out what earring trend matches your look.

6. All redheads want to make sure their red hair is vibrant and healthy the night of the big event. One of the best ways a redhead, natural or ‘by choice,’ can bring life back to her hair without dying it is with color depositing shampoos and conditioners. Want to go the all-natural route? Try using peppermint!

7. Wondering what shoes will make your outfit popSee the spring shoe trends for redheads!

8. The morning of prom, most girls are racing to their salon appointments to get the perfect hair do. Choose some of these hairstyles to make your red hair stand out even more. 

Rock it like a Redhead!