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The 8 (Redhead) Commandments of Long-Lasting Makeup

Redheads spend so much time finding the perfect makeup for their skin and hair, so don’t we all want it to stay on as long as possible? Here are the 8 redhead commandments for long-lasting makeup:

1. Take the time to Prime: Applying a primer is an extra step that’s incredibly worthwhile because it is packed with silicone, which prevents the oil on your skin from breaking down your makeup. Tip: Before you apply any other makeup, smooth a primer all over your face, including your eyelids. (You can find primers created specifically for the lids, but a face primer will also do the trick if used sparingly.)

2. Exfoliate: Think about it, makeup sitting on flaky skin will flake off. Use a gentle microbead scrub, or even just a washcloth, to buff away any dead cells.

3. Do Not Over Moisturize: Beautiful skin is hydrated skin, but rich moisturizer will make your makeup fade very ,very quick.  The solution? Before applying primer and the rest of your makeup, use a light moisturizer (it shouldn’t be so thick that you can’t see through it) and try to avoid the T-zone area that trend to get oily.

4. Less is More: The more makeup you apply, the more there is to slide and smear.

5. Waterproof Eye Pencils: Even on the inner rim of the lower lashes, these pencils deliver pigment that won’t slip away.

6. Get Rid of Your Lipglosses: Lipgloss does not stay on long because of its texture, so a good tip is to fill in the entire lip with long-wearing lip pencil! Then, pat over a thin layer of lipstick over it. Your lips will look moisturized for hours and hours.

7. Finish Your Look with Powder: For indestructible makeup, colorless loose powder should always be the final step. Too much powder, though, will create a chalky finish. Apply it softly with a fluffy eyeshadow brush and  hit it on the the nose, chin and the center of the forehead where makeup tends to disappear.

8. Leave Home Prepared: Always leave room in your purse for your “redhead friendly” items! Bring a lipstick for touch-ups, blotting tissues to get rid of shine and some loose powder to finish off your look.

Rock it like a Redhead!