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Three Easy Steps for a Flawless, Healthy Looking Complexion- Redhead Style

Redheads know all too well that delicate complexions have some “special needs”, especially when it comes to pigmentation. Are you one of the many redheads that wants a flawless, yet natural look year round?  Here are a few great products, tricks and techniques that every redhead should know about when applying makeup:

1. Blue undertones are naturally occurring in every skin tone, especially under the eyes. But, because a redhead’s complexion is fair, blue pigments are prominent on most areas of the skin. To play down any blue undertones in the skin, never opt for a heavy foundation that will mask your freckles and natural coloring; instead use a light concealer or tinted moisturizer with a yellow-golden base to embrace your completion and simply even out any uneven, blue undertones. Product Recommendation: MAC Studio Moisture Tint has a yellow base that neutralizes blue undertones and offers good coverage that will even out skin tones without looking too heavy or fake. It is a great product for redheads because it is not a super heavy base and will not disrupt sensitive skin.

2. Redness can also be an issue with pale completions, but attempts to conceal the redness will makeup usually makes the skin look pale and waxy. What can be done? Believe it or not, when used correctly, a tiny bit of sheer-colored bronzer can actually tone down redness. Product recommendation: Josie Maran Argan Bronzing Powder has delicate pigments that are perfect for ivory skin and never looks too dark or streaky. Instead, it gives a sheer look that creates a gentle, healthy flush of color.

3. Most redheads cannot wear liquid foundation because the texture usually irritates the skin. To achieve all-day coverage, try a sheer, translucent powder. Product Recommendation: Bare Minerals Mineral Veil. This light, oil free powder minimizes pores, absorbs oil and blends perfectly into even the lightest  redheaded skin tones.

With these simple steps, you can create the look of a flawless completion to enhance your natural redhead beauty. Get ready for the compliments!