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Redheads Rejoice: Emerald Green is Named the 2013 Color of the Year!

By: Rebecca Leslie

Pantone recently announced the 2013 Color of the Year and redheads everywhere should be rejoicing! Emerald was declared the ‘It’ color that will dominate pallettes in fashion, graphic design, beauty design and lifestyle accessories.

Red hair and fair-medium complexions are perfectly complemented by this gemstone hue. May’s birthstone color can be a bold, confident choice with patterns, tops and dresses. It can also play beauty sidekick to black or white with sassy shoes, a classy clutch or jazzed-up jewelry.

On the color wheel, green is complementary to red, so it goes without saying that every “ginger” should jump on the green trend this season.
Here are few ways to incorporate green in your life:

1. Green Handbag: Many of us choose to wear a lot of black or dark colors during the winter months but by adding a bright emerald handbag, any neutral outfits becomes fresh and updated!

2. Accessorize: Emerald toned jewelry and it will add an exotic, rich look to any ensemble and will naturally play up a redhead’s coloring.

3. High Heels: It has been said that a girl can accomplish anything in a perfect pair of heels and emerald heeled beauties definitely make a statement. A pop of color in this hot hue is not only pretty but fashion savvy!

4. Eyeshadow: Get out of your makeup rut and give emerald green eyeshadow a try. It will give you a fresh, new look!

Wearing “redhead friendly” colors to your advantage can be a beauty passport to instant glamour; so get on the emerald green trend this winter and Rock it like a Redhead.