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TikTokers Are Using Calamine Lotion as Makeup Primer: Is This Safe For Redheads?

Spoiler Alert: It's Not...Here's Why

There’s another new beauty hack going around that supposedly helps people with oily skin get a better finish and a more natural look to their foundation. We love a good hack, but as always we dove a little deeper to find out if this hack is safe for redheads. 

What is calamine lotion?

You probably know calamine lotion as the pink stuff your mom put on your bug bites in the summertime. The active ingredients in calamine lotion are zinc oxide and iron oxide, which help reduce skin irritation and itching

How are people on TikTok using calamine lotion?

This TikTok trend, attributed to makeup artist Tia Samuda, has people applying calamine lotion all over their faces like a makeup primer. Some are opting for sponges while others prefer to use a brush or even their hands. Then they let the calamine lotion dry and apply their foundation on top. The calamine lotion gives a nice matte, skin-like finish, especially in those who have more oily skin.


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So, is this hack safe for redheads?

As we know, redheads are prone to having more sensitive skin, and unfortunately for us, this hack isn’t sensitive skin safe. While calamine does have anti-inflammatory properties and is sensitive skin safe when used for a short period of time, prolonged use can dry out the skin and often worsen any skin condition like eczema, acne, or rosacea

We don’t recommend redheads performing this act. But, it is entertaining to watch others use it!

Rock it like a Redhead!