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A Tribute To The Redhead Men on Game of Thrones 

Summer is in full swing. At this point, our usually fair skin has become overrun with clusters of freckles, and our red hair is becoming more sun-kissed each day. The weather outside is warm, but for any Game of Thrones fan, winter is coming!

Since the start of the popular HBO show in 2011, much attention has been paid to the many beautiful redheaded ladies of the show. In celebration of the seventh season, which has just begun, it’s time to highlight the redheaded men that have graced the screen on Game of Thrones.

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1. Tormund Giantsbane (portrayed by Kristofer Hivju):

Since his first appearance in season three, we have been won over by this handsome and fearless leader of the Wildlings. His fiery red beard and messy red locks have contributed to his popularity as the best-looking redheaded male character on the show. We can all freely admit we have done an online search for “Who is that guy with the red beard on Game of Thrones?” Nothing demands attention more than natural red hair that bright, and with a glorious beard to match! While Tormund might be a bit rough around the edges, he has always been known to tell it like it is and crack a few dry jokes along the way. However, he is probably more recently known as the brutally fierce fighter who battled alongside Jon Snow during the Battle of the Bastards- and bit out the throat of one of his enemies.

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2. Jorah Mormont (portrayed by Iain Glen):

In all seven seasons, we’ve been graced with Jorah’s neat reddish beard and smooth, strawberry blonde hair. Often a stoic man of few words, he is actually very loyal- particularly to Daenarys, as an advisor. It seems when he is not near her, he is always attempting to find his way back to her. This unrequited love for Daenarys is what propels him forward, and he must find a cure for his greyscale before he is able to stand by her when she is finally Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

3. Theon Greyjoy (portrayed by Alfie Allen): 

This complex character with rusty red hair, crimson stubble, and striking eyes has consistently challenged our thoughts and opinions. Since the beginning of the show, we have experienced quite the rollercoaster of a story arc regarding Theon. We have seen this Lord of the Iron Islands through periods of extreme arrogance as a young man, cruelty and torment at the hands of Ramsay Bolton, and strength in taking back the power that belongs to he and his sister. Theon has made a few decisions in the past that we may not have agreed with, but ultimately, he has attempted to right those wrongs.

4. Eddison Tollett (portrayed by Ben Crompton):

The acting Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch has dark hair, but his red beard is what lands him on this list. It is common for men to have red facial hair, even when the hair on their head is not red– this means that the person has just one MC1R gene (the mutated gene that causes red hair) rather than two. Edd may only have one mutated gene, but he exhibits the fiery spirit of a true redhead with his sarcastic humor and honorable dedication to the Night’s Watch.

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5. Lannister Soldier (portrayed by Ed Sheeran):

No list would be complete without the most popular male redhead in the world– Ed Sheeran! Ed just recently made a cameo in the season premiere of the seventh season, which was met with much harsh criticism and controversy. In the scene, Arya encounters a group of Lannister soldiers in the woods, and she hears Ed’s character singing a song. The soldiers then invite her to eat some rabbit with them. This was a fun scene that did not take away from the larger purpose of the show and allowed Ed to ‘rock it like a redhead’ on the small screen.

Who’s your favorite? Rock it like a Redhead! 

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