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The Real Real: Why Every Redhead Should Own Tinted Sunscreen

You might be surprised!

Skincare that triples as makeup and sunscreen is arguably the best kind. These triple-duty products allow you to nourish, perfect and keep your redhead skin safe. This is why we love tinted sunscreen and if you’re looking for some of our favorite brands, see our 2023 list here. We think every redhead should have some in their collection. There are tons of benefits to tinted SPF, some of which you probably know and some of which may surprise you.

But, there is one big reason you might want to seriously opt for a tinted sunscreen in your skincare routine this spring: 

Why is tinted sunscreen so important for redheads?

Yes, tinted SPF is great for a “no makeup” makeup look. It’s buildable and adds a glow to the skin, making it perfect for a base to build on top of other makeup (if you want more of a statement look).

It’s also great because your skin is protected with sunscreen without much fuss. 

And now the pieces of the puzzle have come together for the real, real. The real reason redheads should opt for a tinted sunscreen is because it helps to block UV light, AND blue light as well. 

Blue light is emitted by your phone, computer, and other devices, which means you’re encountering it even if you stay inside away from the windows. Blue light can cause age spots and something called melasma, which leaves your skin with dark brown or blue/gray patches. Blue light is also thought to break down collagen in the body and cause loss of elasticity in the skin.

The iron oxides necessary to protect you from blue light are often missing from facial sunscreens because they leave a white cast. With a tinted sunscreen, the added pigment (thanks to the tint) helps to block the blue light.

Other ways to stop blue light from harming your eyes, skin and body 

  1. Wear blue-light blocking glasses protect your eyes and the delicate skin surrounding your eyes. If you’re a contact wearer, they do make contacts that block blue light, too.
  2. Keep night mode enabled on all of your devices to reduce blue light emittance in favor of gentler yellow or orange light.

So, there you have it redheads. Tinted sunscreen does a lot more than you think. Which products is your favorite? 

Rock it like a Redhead!


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