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Foods to Make Your Red Hair Grow Faster

3 items you can't forget to add to your diet:

By: Jessie Gable

I don’t believe in quick fixes. There are tons of people on Facebook who post about products–no doubt that they sell–that will make you skinnier or look younger or whatever without any work. However, I recently got on the Fast Metabolism Diet* to lose weight and change my awful eating habits. It’s not exactly a “quick fix” because the program lasts 28 days but you can repeat it as many times as needed. From my experience, it also works surprisingly well for growing your red hair faster.

Here’s the premise of the diet: You eat a ton of really healthy foods in a different order each week. You do one phase on Monday/Tuesday, another on Wednesday/Thursday and then another for the weekends. It works great for losing weight if you start off on a super unhealthy diet (guilty as charged), but what I noticed most was that my hair easily grew two inches in the first 28 days.

So, what did I eat?

1. Lots and lots (and lots and lots) of green vegetables:

You can put spinach in a smoothie and not even taste it. A lot of folks are loving their spiralizer for zucchini. I think it’s OK if you put a lot of cheese on it and the little doo-dad is pretty fun to play with. It’s like a really good pencil sharpener.

My hairdresser also said green vegetables will help your hair grow healthier and therefore longer.

2. Nitrate-free meat:

There’s a lot of debate on the whole nitrate-free issue. All I can tell you is that I bought the nitrate free meat and my hair grew while my body shrunk. It’s a bit more expensive but it tastes better.

3. Healthy fat:

On the weekends of the diet, you get to eat “healthy fats” like avocados, almond butter, olive oil, etc. I never missed a healthy fat meal.

The bottom line: Your diet is the main determining factor in how your hair grows. If you eat healthy, it will be healthy. If you don’t, you’ll spend 4 years growing out a bad haircut. I’ve been there and it’s no fun.

Do you have any tips for growing your hair long and strong?

Rock it like a Redhead! 

*Always consult with your doctor before trying or adding a diet to your daily routine. 

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