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Elizaveta Neginskaya Shares Her Brow Tips for Redheads

She's known as Hawaii’s "Queen of Brows"

Updated: November 2nd, 2023

By: Guest Writer, Malanie McLellan

Great redhead eyebrows are always (hashtag) #goals! There are a lot of elements at play when you’re trying to create the perfect arch. It’s enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. I spoke with Elizaveta Neginskaya, owner of EN Signature Brows & Beauty Hawaii, to get her advice on how redheads can perfect their brows.

At 11-years-old, Elizaveta started creating her own concoctions, like masks and creams and gave them to friends and neighbors to try when growing up in Russia. “I had no idea at that age I could make a career out of beauty until my family moved to America,” says Elizaveta. “I started taking esthetician classes part-time while in high school, and I loved it.”

Fresh out of beauty school and working at a makeup convention in Texas, she was approached by famous brow guru Anastasia Soare, founder of the renowned beauty company Anastasia Beverly Hills. Anastasia had been watching Elizaveta work and hired her on the spot. The two worked together until Elizaveta moved to Honolulu, where she now owns EN Signature Brows & Beauty. She’s known as Hawaii’s “Queen of Brows”.

 Elizaveta Neginskaya, owner of EN Signature Brows & Beauty Hawaii

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These are Elizaveta’s top tips on making redhead brows look their absolute best!

What should a redhead look for in an eyebrow artist?

EN: These are my top 4 tips when searching for a brow artist:

1. Look at their work! Make sure they have before and after photos.

2. Make sure they’ve worked with redheads before and know how to work with redhead skin and shades.

3. Go with someone whose work is meticulous. Find this out by getting a consultation before allowing them to remove any hair; have them fill in your brows with makeup to show the shape they intend to put on your face—before they remove hair. Have them map out the starting and endpoints, where the arch should be. Have them show you how to do your makeup at home, so it is something you can maintain.

4. Do they consider your unique face shape and bone structure when they map out your brows? They should! I do this with every client.

What eyebrow options on the market today would you recommend for sensitive redhead skin?

EN: For hair removal, I use an antibacterial and antimicrobial wax-free botanical gel called Nufree. It’s very gentle and tolerated by everyone, even those with really sensitive redhead skin. It’s applied and removed like traditional wax. Redheads seem to tolerate it really well with virtually no redness after the hair removal process.

For brow tattooing, we offer Ombré Powder Brows, which is a great semi-permanent option for redheads because it’s even gentler than microblading and great for super-sensitive skin types. It gives a nice powder makeup look and is less invasive because the ink is needled into only the top layer of the epidermis—unlike microblading, which is needled into the bottom layer.

However, microblading offers a very realistic look, with hair-like strokes. It’s also a great option for those with sensitive to normal skin, and we offer that, too. Both of these options last up to thirty-six months with proper care and maintenance.

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When selecting brow powders and/or gels, how should redheads select their ideal color?

EN: If you have blonde to light red hair, choose a brow color one to two shades darker for your brows.

If you have dark red or auburn hair, choose one to two shades lighter for your brows.

How can someone keep their brows looking great between visits to their esthetician?

EN: Tweeze hairs that sprout up, but never too close to the brow line! Let your brow artist handle that. Never, ever shave them, because hair can grow in thicker and coarser.

What should someone do if they’ve removed too much hair at home?

EN: Let it grow back! Resist the urge to keep removing more to fix it; let your brow artist handle it. Remember to exfoliate your brows so that you can open up the pores to let the healthy new hair growth. And finally, apply a drop of castor oil before bed every night. It really works!

Your Brow Pomade was featured in our Deluxe Edition of the September H2BAR box. How does one use and store it?

EN: Apply with an angled brush. Dip brush in the pot, but don’t use too much—a little goes a long way! Brush on short, feather-like strokes. The intensity of the pigment is buildable, so you can control how bold you want your brows to be by how little or how much you apply. Keep a spoolie brush on hand to brush your brows or use it as an eraser when you need it. And it’s waterproof! Remove with a gentle makeup remover or coconut oil.

To store, close the lid tightly. Because it’s waterproof, improper storage can cause it to dry out. To rehydrate the product, add a drop of coconut oil and smooth it over the surface of the powder to create a hydrating protective layer. Shop now! 

What other products do you offer in redhead-friendly shades?

EN: The Brow Pomade featured in the H2BAR Box & in the H2BAR shop is in a blonde color, which is a good universal shade for redheads. For a more red hue, we also offer a very sheer waterproof brow balm called Redhead. For more auburn to dark red hair, we have Sable, a great waterproof eyebrow pencil. We also offer brow shaper kits that contain powder, shadow and pomade in one compact. Light redheads should go with the light kit and darker redheads with the deep color kit.

What other products, besides your own, do you just love?

EN: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, Stila Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Chantecaille Lip Glosse and  Mica Organics Geranium Face. 

If you’re in Honolulu (or anywhere on the island of O‘ahu), EN Signature Brows and Beauty offers brow beauty services, hair removal, signature beauty products along with other luxury beauty products, facials and microneedling.

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