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I Am Enough: An Important Message on #LoveYourRedHairDay

Allow yourself to feel proud and confident!

While there’s never a bad time to be a redhead, there’s no greater time than autumn. We can finally emerge into the day without fear of sunburn, and it’s before the winter air turns our skin to snowflakes. Fall fashion calls us to wear all the colors just made for our skin tone, and, of course, the leaves change to every shade of our hair.

To me, the changing leaves and their diversity of color represent the best part of #RedheadSeason and the best our community has to offer — acceptance. Just like there are thousands of shades in the changing leaves, there are countless shades of red hair, all of which are warmly accepted by our redhead community. Auburn locks? Welcome! Strawberry blonde? Come on in! Flecks of white mixed in with your red? We love you! Redheads by choice? You have a place with us too!

Being a redhead isn’t about a particular hue; it’s about accepting yourself and those around you for all the qualities that make you uniquely you. It’s about embracing all the things that make you a little different — the parts of you that have always made you stand out, even on the days you felt like blending in. It’s about being proud of who you are and letting go of that little voice that tries to tell you you aren’t enough.

Today, on National Love Your Red Hair Day, I encourage you to go to the mirror and accept yourself —to look yourself in the eye and say: I am enough, just the way I am. Look at your red hair, your freckles, and all of your other uniquely redhead qualities, and allow yourself to feel proud and confident. Then, when you’re done, go to your phone and text those other redheads in your life the same thing. Doing so will allow us to practice the very thing our redhead community does best — acceptance.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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