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Red Hair Color Based on Your Age

For natural or ‘by choice’ redheads, enhancing your red hair color as you age is an easy way to keep yourself looking young and fresh. Most natural redheads face fading at many different ages and some redheads ‘by choice,’ are not sure which red is a smart choice for their particular look. Celebrity hair stylist Nelson Chan offers some words of advice for women who want to maintain natural and youthful-looking red tresses during any stage of their life.

For age 30 and under: This advice is usually for redheads ‘by choice,’ because natural redheads do not face intense fading until their 30’s and 40’s. If you are natural and need more vibrancy, opt for hair glosses and color depositing shampoos.

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For those bottled redheads, the shade of red can be brighter and more intense. In the above photo, Chan gave the woman copper-ish red hair and only a recommends this vibrant shade of red for women in their twenties.

For age 30 and over:  The red should acquire more auburn and mahogany tones to be more chic and sophisticated.

Over 40: Women should be exuding even more sophistication! For example, Chan recommends a soft medium auburn with a touch of reddish copper and says, “It looks real – as if you were born with that shade of red.”

Make sure to take this information to your hair stylist and choose a color that’s perfect for you.

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Photo Credit: Nelson J Salon.