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Podcast S5, Ep 3: Redheads Are Of All Kinds & That’s What Makes Us So Special 

Tune in to hear Nay Garris' story!

Nay Garris

If someone says the word “redhead” most people automatically think of fair skin, freckles, and of course bright red hair. Well, our guest on Episode 3 is a natural redhead who doesn’t fit inside those boxes. We love exploring the redhead community and the many different ways red hair presents itself in the world. Red hair comes naturally to all different skin tones and ethnicities, and that’s beautiful. Period. End of story. 

Nay Garris is a natural redhead, born and raised in NYC and living in LA. Her Instagram bio reads, “Your favorite natural black ginger.” She enjoys learning about different cultures, trying new foods, meeting new people, and anything that involves learning something new. She connects with people the most through art which is why she fell in love with modeling. She also grew up playing basketball, was a lifeguard at age 15, and believes sports taught her discipline and teamwork.

Be sure to head over to Nay’s social media because you won’t believe how gorgeous her natural curly red hair is! You can find Nay on Instagram and TikTok

We wanted to get Nay’s perspective on all things beauty like her favorite sunscreens for outdoor activities, her go-to curly hair products, and her beauty must-haves. We also wanted to learn more about her unique experience as a natural redhead and dove into topics like how it was growing up as a natural redhead in NYC, strangers’ reactions to her hair, and of course, her take on not fitting the “redhead stereotype” that everyone seems to have.

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Rock it like a Redhead!

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