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Photographer Has Been Capturing Redheads Around The World For 11 Years

Over a Decade of Redhead Personality Photos

For over a decade, photographer Keith Barraclough has been photographing redheads in a series called The Redhead Project. According to Barraclough’s website, it is “an ongoing series of studio personality portraits of natural-born redheads. Each photo shoot is a collaborative process between photographer and subject, resulting in portraits that tell redheads’ unique stories.”

Barraclough photographed our co-founders, Adrienne + Stephanie, in 2014! 

Barraclough began the project in 2013 after a chance encounter with a redhead at a corporate photoshoot he was working. Barraclough explains, “That same week I’d read a National Geographic article about the extinction of redheads in 100 years. I personally only knew one redhead at the time. I was intrigued.  Processing that redhead executive’s headshots from the corporate shoot, I was struck by his presence. I got to thinking, who is this person? What’s his personality and what makes him special aside from his red hair? And the idea for this collaborative project that tells redheads’ unique stories was born.”

Photoshoots for The Redhead Project currently take place in New York City, but Barraclough has also hosted photoshoots all over the US, as well as a virtual photoshoot option for redheads. The virtual shoot idea came about during COVID-19 when shoots for The Redhead Project had to be put on hold — now it’s a way for redheads all over the world to be a part of the project. On the you can see photos of redheads of all ages, as well as interviews from redheads who have attended both in-person and virtual photoshoots with Barraclough. 

Barraclough isn’t the only photographer to take a special interest in redheads. Photographer Mark Elzey did an entire shoot on natural freckles, while photographer Brian Dowling has captured photos of redheads (including Madelaine Petsch) from around the world. Redheads are rare, and if there’s one thing photographers love it’s capturing rare beauty and unique features. It’s no surprise redheads are a common photographer interest. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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