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10 Important Life Lessons from Lucille Ball

All redheads should take note.

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We already know the 12 reasons every redhead should love Lucy, but she also taught us valuable life lessons – whether it was through her very funny character on the I Love Lucy show, or in her everyday life.

1. Always laugh.

Don’t hold back, just have fun. 


2. Don’t worry what anyone thinks.

At the end of the day, you will never be able to control what other people say or think. Continue to Rock it like a Redhead!


3. Eat chocolate.

Enjoy the good stuff in life.


4. Rock red lips.

Go against the status-quo. Whoever said red hair & red lips do not complement each other was wrong. 

Lucille Ball In 'Lured'

5. Always be yourself.

Lucille was known for being clumsy, funny and simply…herself, no matter what. 


6. Follow your dreams.

Lucille Ball paved the way for women comedians and was the first woman to run her own production company.


7. Cherish your best friend.

Ethel and Lucy were buddies. It also proves everyone needs a redhead best friend.


8. Always take your vitamins.

Watch one of Lucy’s best skits of all time:

9. Dress up and have fun.

Don’t let anyone stop you! 

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10. Rock your red hair

Always & forever.

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