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Sassy Auburn

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Redheads

If you're at a dead end as to what to get your gorgeous ginger, keep these items in mind for last minute gift ideas:

Updated: September 12th, 2023

By: Sassy Auburn

Crunch time is ON.

If you don’t have the everlasting headache from being in and out of the mall for the past two weeks, it’s time to get moving. Gift selections are picked over. You don’t have much time!

If you’re shopping for a redhead, you might think fashion and glamour gifts are limited because not all colors, styles, or scents work for those auburn princesses. If you are at a dead end as to what to get your gorgeous ginger, keep these items in mind for last minute gift ideas:

1. Winter Attire

It’s a fact that a redhead’s body temperature can fluctuate constantly. Anything to keep her warm during those winter chills is a perfect idea. A nice pair of warm boots in a neutral color (make sure you check the size) is a good idea. So are gloves, scarves, chic hats, even a coat. Don’t forget something that she can wear inside when she is chilly too. Keep the coat and boots ideas neutral and when accessorizing, add a splash of color that goes well with her hair.

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2. Sparkling Jewels

You don’t have to spend a ton on high-end jewelry for your redheaded loved one. There are excellent costume jewelry pieces that don’t fade, tarnish, or lose their shine. Look in higher-end department stores that have nice pieces without spending a ton. You can find anything from in style necklaces, earrings or bracelets that can put a smile on her face. Me personally? I like to wear gold or gold-hued pieces to bring out the shine in my red hair. Even when I wear an outfit that has silver accents, I try to wear a piece that incorporates both gold and silver.

3. Makeup & Haircare

Since us redheads can have super sensitive skin, it’s really hard to pick out anything for us that we aren’t sure if we can use or not. One redhead could swear by a brand and another could tell you it makes them red and itchy. Unless you know she uses it regularly, you may not want to try anything new. Makeup, however, can give you a few more options. Stick with lip products which can give you many different choices as well as different price ranges for your budget. Whether your ginger likes a natural look or wants something with a lot of pop, there are many different things you can find. In addition, eye products can give you a range of ideas when staying within the ‘redhead friendly’ approved zone.

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4. Glamour Accessories

When it comes to makeup and skincare, redheads seem to have certain things that they specifically like. Because we have tried and tested various products, it sometimes takes a lot of coaxing to get us to try something different. But, when we like it, we stick to it.

There are a few generic things, however, that many of us love. Think outside of the box when getting a redhead something in regards to glamour. Think about makeup cases, makeup brushes, hair supplies and accessories (brushes, tools, barrettes, headbands) and even fun necessities like tweezers and eyelash curlers. Getting these little must-haves in a jazzy color or design is a great addition to the shopping list.

Redhead Accessories

5. Order The How to be a Redhead Book

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I am hoping you haven’t waited till the last minute to get your favorite redhead a few things that she might really enjoy getting. Of course–who am I to judge? I haven’t done any shopping at ALL yet. But have no fear, these suggestions will help you get a grip on those last minute goodies that your special auburn someone will just love.

Now go out and Rock it like a Redhead!