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Kelly Osbourne Causes Twitter Uproar With Redhead Insult

The red carpet queen herself, Kelly Osbourne, was discussing the presenters of the evening and Jessica Chastain was mentioned. Kelly quickly responded with, “There are so few people who can rock red hair and be elegant and as gorgeous as she is.” If you were tuning in for the typical, not-so-thrilling Oscar red carpet pre-show, you probably did a quick double take. And, if you have a DVR, chances are you rewound it immediately to see if you heard Ms. Osbourne correctly.

Since the live red carpet was in fact LIVE, we doubt Kelly meant it, but we can’t help but think of the dozons of red carpet stars who look stunning — Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Christina Hendricks, Amy Adams, Rose Leslie, Sophie Turner and Oliva Grant are just a handful. The point is, elegance is not determined by hair color and you can’t generalize a woman based on her red hair. We happen to think ALL redheads are elegant and every single ginger of the world is gorgeous.

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It took mere minutes for the redheads of the world (and even some bi-standers) to begin tweeting about Kelly’s wrongful remark:

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We do wish Kelly thought about the statement before she said it. But, the message here is for the redheads of the world; keep rockin’ it like the beautiful redheads that you are!