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‘Julianne Nude’: A Great Blush Trick for Redheads

By: Andrea Claire 

I know some of you just didn’t get the blue cross-hatched liner I wrote about last month. That’s okay, redheads. We all can’t love everything. This time I want to tell you about the brillance of applying lipstick to the cheeks!

My latest love is with L’Oreal Paris’ Colour Riche Nude Collection. I specifically use the color, ‘Julianne’s Nude’ which L’Oreal Paris created exclusively for women with fair skin inspired by their spokeswoman, Julianne Moore. You can guarantee it’s a great color for our lips. No brainer. High-freckled-fives all around. BUT, it can also be used as a fabulous cream blush.

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Like most of you (and what I encourage), I don’t want to cover my freckles. Who wants to cover up beauty? Get the look here:

1. I prepped my skin with Dermalogica.

2. My foundation is a mix of Bobbi Brown 3.25 and Da Lish F01.

3. Two finger widths away from the sides of your nose, apply a left-handed check mark with ‘Julianne’s Nude’ to your left cheek, and a right-handed check mark to your right cheek.

4. Blend with the pads of your fingers vs a makeup brush as the heat of your fingers melts the lipstick for a better blend. You won’t breakout unless you have an allergy.

5. Highlight the tops of your cheeks, brow bones, bridge of nose, chin and forehead with a dusting of MAC Cosmetics SHROOM eyeshadow. I like to use a large dome eyeshadow brush for a diffused application. You can also hit the bow of your lip too. It adds to a pretty pout.

6. I finished with Charlotte Tilbury ‘Pillow Talk’ lip liner and followed with NARS ‘Chelsea Girls’ lip lacquer only on the middle of my lips.

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Rock it like a Redhead!