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How to Take the Best Selfie: 10 Redhead Makeup Tips to Up Your Game

Smile for the Camera!

redhead selfie

People might say that taking photos of yourself is self-centered or vain, but we think selfies are a way to look back and see how you looked at different points in your life. It’s something you can show kids and grandkids someday, a little candid glimpse at a younger you that many of us don’t have of our parents. Selfies are also a must for social media and your photo albums on your smartphone. Who doesn’t want to look good in their photos and learn better ways to take a selfie? We’re here with tips on how to perfect your makeup the next time you snap a selfie plus some tips on how to snap your best photos: 

Makeup Tips: 

1. Dewy, Glowy and Natural

Dewy glowy natural makeup enhances your skin’s natural radiance with light-reflecting products, soft highlights, and sheer, hydrating layers. It focuses on a luminous complexion, minimal coverage, and subtle enhancements to create a fresh, healthy, and effortlessly beautiful look. Take a look at this redhead TikToker below:


actually in love with u @Saie !!! #saiebeauty #redheadmakeup #makeupforredhair #saieglowysupergel #naturalmakeuplook

♬ Birds of a feather – 𝖒𝖊𝖌𝖆 𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖙𝖍𝖑𝖎𝖓𝖌

2. Golden Hour Makeup

Golden hour makeup captures the warm, sun-kissed glow of late afternoon light with bronzed skin, soft golden eyeshadows, and warm highlighters. It emphasizes a radiant, healthy complexion with a subtle shimmer, enhancing natural features for a luminous, sunlit effect.


golden hour makeup 🌞🧡🌅🍊🏜️ products used (almost) in order: ✨ @Everyday Humans reviving aloe mis ✨ @Youth To The People hydrate + glow dream oil ✨ @cocokind texture smoothing cream ✨ @thrivecausemetics buildable blur concealer in “clair” ✨ @got2bUSA spiking glue ✨ @elfcosmetics halo glow in “fair” ✨ @Westman-Atelier face trace contour stick in “biscuit” ✨ @Kulfi Beauty concealer in “bad badaam” ✨ @Fenty Beauty demi glow in “01 pretty purlz” and diamond bomb in “how many karats” ✨ @EM Cosmetics by Michelle Phan divine skies eyeshadow pallete in “faded clementine,” daydream cushion tint in “cloud dream,” pick me up mascara, so soft cream blush in “passion,” lip cushion in “faded clementine” i also love to pair this makeup with @Phlur Fragrances “tangerine boy” 🧡 🍊🌅 #sunsetmakeup #goldenhourmakeup #goldenhour #goldenhourglow #orangemakeup #redheadmakeup #demiglowing #redhead

♬ LUNCH – Billie Eilish

3. Everyday Summer Makeup

Everyday summer makeup is light, fresh, and long-lasting, perfect for warm weather. Soft, natural tones on the eyes and lips keep the look effortless and radiant, ideal for daily wear.


Every day summer makeup for pale skin ✨✨ This is my go to at the moment but its different on holiday (I don’t wear foundation during the day whilst I’m away) Really love glowy makeup & I find this @Rare Beauty bronzer brings a subtle warmth to my pale skin! 🌞 #summermakeup #summermakeuproutine #summermakeuplook #summermakeuptutorial #paleskinmakeup #palegirlmakeup #palegirlsummer #palegirls #palegirlsoftiktok #fairskinmakeup #redheadmakeup #glowymakeup #glowymakeuptutorial

♬ Perfect Fit – Lynde & Summum & himood

4. Soft, Subtle Glam Makeup

Soft subtle glam makeup strikes a balance between natural and glamorous, featuring softly defined eyes with neutral shadows, fluttery lashes, and a hint of shimmer. It includes a flawless, glowing complexion, gentle contouring, and a touch of nude or soft pink lipstick, creating an elegant yet understated look.


Its taken years to nail down my makeup routine lol @L’Oréal Paris

♬ goth sidewalks and skeletons – daydream

5. 6-Minute Makeup

A 6-minute makeup routine for a redhead focuses on quick and effective steps. Define the brows complement red hair, apply a quick coat of mascara, and finish with a natural lip tint. This look enhances features swiftly while embracing natural beauty.


Lil quick GRWM #makeup#beauty#makeupartist#makeupvideo#grwmgrwmmakeup@Maybelline NY @Winky Lux @How to be a Redhead

♬ original sound – Brianna Bradley 🤡

6. Freckle Friendly Glow

Freckle-friendly glow makeup enhances natural freckles while adding a radiant touch. It uses a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer to even out skin tone without heavy coverage. Light-reflecting highlighter and a touch of bronzer create a luminous complexion, while neutral eyeshadows and a soft, glossy lip keep the look fresh and natural.


Hiii this is my go-to makeup look that’s glowy and not too much to cover the freckles 🤍 #makeuptutorial #easymakeuptutorial #freckles #fairskin #redhead #fyp #grwm #getreadywithme #makeup @Charlotte Tilbury @ONE SIZE BEAUTY @hudabeautyshop @DIBSBEAUTY

♬ The Hills x Say It Right by GOBAITH – GOBAITH

7. Bright Spring Makeup

Bright spring makeup is vibrant and fresh, featuring pastel and floral-inspired shades. A light, dewy foundation creates a glowing base, while pops of color like peachy blush, pink or coral lips, and soft, bright eyeshadows bring a cheerful and lively touch. This look celebrates the renewal of spring with a playful yet polished finish.


I recently found out through color analysis that I am a bright spring, which makes sense because I’m a redhead with pale skin and blue eyes. I’m trying out new make up products prior to some big events that match the bright spring palette. I’ve had the same make up routine for years because it’s so hard to find the right color match as a redhead… And today Was no exception, I had a few flops, especially with the rose ink bronzer. I’m going to keep trying until I find the perfect routine. #brightspring #coloranalysis #makeup #routine #makeuproutine #grwm

♬ original sound – Anaïs

8. Pale Girl Makeup

Pale girl friendly makeup enhances fair skin tones with soft, complementary shades. It uses a lightweight foundation or BB cream to even out skin tone, along with a touch of rosy blush for a natural flush. Subtle highlighter adds a gentle glow, while neutral or pastel eyeshadows and a soft pink or nude lip color create a fresh, balanced look that flatters lighter complexions.


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9. Bronzed Bombshell Glam

Bronzed bombshell glam for redheads combines warm, bronzed tones with striking features. It includes a glowing bronzer to enhance the complexion, copper or gold eyeshadows to complement red hair, and bold lashes for dramatic eyes. A defined brow and a nude or warm-toned lip complete this sultry, sun-kissed look, perfect for making a statement.


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10. Simple Makeup

Simple makeup for redheads focuses on enhancing natural beauty with minimal effort. It features a lightweight foundation or BB cream, a touch of peach or coral blush, and subtle eyebrow definition to complement red hair. A coat of mascara and a swipe of tinted lip balm or nude lipstick complete this fresh, everyday look.


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Quick makeup tips when perfecting your natural selfie: 

If you want your redhead makeup to look good on camera, it’s all about enhancing your features. A full face of glam is obviously going to enhance everything, but it can be a little harder when you’re opting for a natural look. Here are 5 ways to help elevate your natural makeup for selfies:

  1. Enhance Your Brows: Brows frame the face, and giving them some color and definition will really elevate your look. Use a redhead brow gel or brow pencil to achieve this look. Shop: Finally Have Brows Volumizing Redhead Brow Gel
  2. Add a Little Extra Blush: Wearing a little extra blush will warm up your face and give you a stunning ‘glow-from-within’ look. 
  3. Lengthen and Define Lashes: Most redheads have light brows and can lengthen and define them in a natural-looking way with Finally Have Lashes Enhancing Mascara in Chestnut or Auburn Mascara

redhead aesthetic

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4. Go for the Glow: Dewy, glowy skin looks amazing in photos and will really help you to look more radiant. This can be achieved with a glowy foundation, highlighter, or the use of cream products. 

5. Add Some Lip Color: Defining and enhancing your lips will really add to your photo. Use Finally Bold redhead lipstick in Perfectly Nude or Perfectly Pink, or amp things up with Perfectly Red if you’re feeling BOLD.

finally bold

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Quick tips on how to take a great selfie: 

Once the makeup is on, keep these tips in mind:

1. Face the Sun: Many influencers featured above have likely invested in professional camera and lighting equipment, but if you don’t have any of that, stand facing the sun somewhere bright — but not so bright that it makes you squint. The sun will give your skin an enviable glow and make your features and handiwork pop.

2. Incorporate Plants: If a simple white background isn’t doing it for you, or if you don’t have a clutter-free background to pose in front of, position yourself next to your favorite house plant.

3. Know Your Angles: Sometimes a tilt of the chin or a turn of the head can make all the difference. Play with these nuances, and once you find an angle and position that you like, there’s no shame in sticking to it.

4. Look in the Mirror: Do you ever look in the mirror and think, “Wow, I look great,” but then your selfies just won’t get on your level? Point your camera at the mirror and call it a day. It creates dimension and is the perfect way to switch things up on your feed.

5. Use Your Hands: If looking straight into the camera feels awkward, incorporate your hand as a prop. Resting your head or chin on your hand gives a selfie a relaxed feel and can make you feel more secure.

6. Take It Outside: Natural light is the best light so if your indoor lighting isn’t working, take a trip outside and use some greenery or a blue sky as your backdrop.

7. Don’t Obsess Over Perfection: The best selfies happen when you feel most like yourself.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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