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How To Make Your Redhead Routines More Earth-Friendly 

Little steps forward to make a carbon impact…

Earth Day

Each year, we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. We take this time to share ideas on how you can be more sustainable, reduce your carbon footprint, and feel better about how we treat our planet. We know we can’t change the world alone, but every choice makes an impact. There are lots of small changes we can make in our daily lives to do better, and this Earth Day we’re focusing on some changes you can make in your redhead beauty and home life routines that are more sustainable. 

1. Home cleaning changes

In your home, making small swaps is easy! One swap we love for both sustainability and for redheads with sensitive skin is using wool dryer balls. Not only are they reusable, they are better for sensitive skin because they don’t have fragrance or other chemicals in them. If you like a little fragrance you can add a couple drops of essential oils to your dryer balls. Other places you can make more sustainable choices are in your kitchen with reusable paper towels and reusable dishcloths/cleaning towels instead of disposable paper towels. Eco-friendly cleaning spray in a reusable bottle is also a great way to reduce plastic waste, as is using reusable food storage bags and skipping single-use plastic baggies. 

2. Makeup changes

When it comes to beauty products, look for products made from sustainable materials and those with minimal packaging. Also, opt for reusable makeup remover pads instead of disposable makeup wipes or single-use cotton rounds. Single-use face cloths have become quite popular, but we love having a set of fabric face cloths that we use just for our faces and can wash each week. In the shower you can reduce plastic waste by choosing a shampoo bar over bottles of shampoo. More sustainable choices can also be made when purchasing an already reusable item. Look for items made from recycled or plant-based materials like these claw clips, or this nickel-free razor that we love.

3. Conserve water

Turn off taps while brushing teeth, fix leaks, and consider installing water-saving fixtures.

4. Compost food waste

Create nutrient-rich compost for your garden while reducing methane emissions from landfills.

5. Conserve energy

Turn off lights and unplug electronics when not in use, and switch to LED bulbs.

6. Support sustainable brands

Choose companies that prioritize environmental responsibility in their production processes.

7. Reduce meat consumption

Eating less meat can help lower greenhouse gas emissions associated with livestock farming.

8. Plant trees

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making them essential for combating climate change.

Being more sustainable can feel overwhelming, but it’s as easy as making better choices for the earth with every purchase you make. Celebrate Earth Day every day, redheads. Rock it like a Redhead! 


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