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How to Choose The Right Pair of Sunglasses

As the weather becomes warmer and brighter, many of us are thinking of purchasing cool new sunglasses.  Not only are sunglasses a versatile accessory that go with every outfit, but choosing ones with UV block lenses can protect the area around your eyes from sun damage, skin cancer and wrinkles- a fantastic beauty benefit for we pale redheads with sensitive skin!

So, before you make a sunglass purchase, check out my guide on the best frames to suit your face shape:

Square: If you have square facial features, choose round or cat eye shaped sunglasses to counter balance your strong jawline and wide check bones.

Oval: Those with oval face shapes can usually wear most  sunglasses styles due to their symmetrical features, but square shaped frames are particularly flattering.

Oblong: Longer face shapes will benefit from over sized glasses with square frames that will balance and soften their features.

Heart Shaped: Aviator styles or rimless frames look great on heart shaped faces because they minimize the width of the forehead and elongate the look of the jawline.

Round: Those with a rounded facial shape should try rectangular frames or wrap around styles to create the illusion of longer and thinner features.

Keep these guidelines in mind while shopping this season and you’ll look super chic while protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays!