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How Redheads Can Treat Calluses This Summer

Say Goodbye to Pesky Calluses

Calluses can be quite the eyesore in the summertime, especially foot calluses. Since redheads have thinner skin calluses can be a big problem. If you’re struggling with calluses keep reading because we’ve got some tips to get summer ready:

Do a soak

When a callus forms, the skin gets hard and often dry. Soften up the skin by soaking it in warm water until the skin starts to soften. Soaking callused feet often can help to soften the skin over time and will make things like filing easier and more effective.


Another way to soften the skin is by moisturizing the area daily. Use a heavy moisturizer and leave the lotion or cream on as long as possible. For feet, this can be achieved by lathering up and then putting socks on to let everything soak in.

Exfoliate and file

Once your skin starts to soften, it’s time to get rid of those calluses. The best way to remove the dry, hard skin is by exfoliating and filing the area down with a pumice stone. Do this daily for just a few minutes while in the shower.

Use a callus remover

If your callus isn’t going away you can use a callus remover. For small calluses, try a callus and cuticle remover solution, and for larger calluses, you can try a callus removal pad or ointment. 

Take your time

Callus removal cannot be done instantly, because your skin needs time to grow new healthy skin. Callus reduction and removal will take several days or weeks, so be patient and find a routine that works for you. Additionally, you will want to try and prevent new calluses from forming by wearing proper footwear, exfoliating and moisturizing often. 

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