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How It Was For This Redhead Man To Grow Up With Red Hair

From Bullied to Beloved

We often get to hear women’s experiences growing up with red hair. It’s usually a story about how they learned to love their hair as they got older. But, we don’t get to hear from men who sometimes have a different experience. Casey Shaw is a man from Northern Ireland who opened up to The Mirror about his experience growing up with red hair.

Many people would think being a redhead in Northern Ireland would be just a regular childhood since so many have red hair, but for Shaw, it wasn’t great. He explains he was bullied relentlessly by his peers and even adults. He was called ugly and really every ginger slur in the book. 

Shaw couldn’t understand why he was treated so differently and often ran home to cry alone in his room. Well, Shaw is in his 30’s now and things could not be more different. About a decade ago, something changed for him. He credits celebs like Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry, and the popularity of the Harry Potter character Ron Weasley. Shaw also has an older brother who is also a redhead and was a great role model for him. 

At a certain point, the bullying and teasing didn’t seem to bother him as much, especially when he discovered women were interested in his red hair. Shaw’s girlfriend has even said that she first noticed him because of his beautiful hair. Shaw has even gone as far as to land a successful modeling career partially thanks to his big curly red hair that he now adores. 

We’d love to hear more redhead men speak out about their experiences. What do you think?

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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