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Happy Women’s Christmas Day! 5 Ways Redheads Can Celebrate:

An Irish tradition..

Today is Women’s Christmas or Little Christmas, known as Nollaig na mBan* in Irish. This special day can also be referred to as the Feast of the Epiphany or the Twelfth Night. With the Irish population estimating 10% of its people (that’s roughly 600,000 people) have red hair, we’re guessing many redheads are celebrating this very evening.

This day is an old Irish tradition acknowledging women, and their contribution to society. It is a day for women to rest and pamper. Many years ago, it was solely to thank women for their housework — an although we have moved on considerably from a time when women were thought to only have a “place” in the kitchen, the tradition lives on.

It has become a day to give genuine thanks to women. It’s a reminder for everyone to give “thanks” to those special women in your life who always seem to “do it all”.

Basically, it’s a day for women to pamper themselves — and we’ll take it!

Here are ways redheads can take time to pamper themselves, and their red hair:

1. Add (natural) vibrancy to your red hair with a color depositing shampoo

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2. Treat your skin to oils

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3. Begin using techniques to make your red hair grow thicker & faster!

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4. Treat your hair to peppermint oil

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5. Read inspiring stories from redheads about how they’ve come to love their skin and hair.

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Rock it like a Redhead!

*Wondering how to pronounce the day? Approximate pronunciation guide:

Nollaig – nul-laig
na mBan – nah mon/man (depending on the dialect)