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News: The Word ‘Ginger’ Is Now In The Dictionary

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Updated: May 1, 2021

In 2017, the word ‘ginger’ was added to the dictionary as a synonym for ‘redhead’. Merriam-Webster announced the news earlier this week on Twitter.

Personally, the H2BAR HQ does not mind the word ginger. But we know other redheads do not like it. The term ‘ginger’ originated in the UK and was initially created to insult a redhead. So, it’s no wonder many redheads do not like to be called ‘ginger’. Just take a look at Urban Dictionary’s definition:

‘Ginger’ via Urban Dictionary: A human, characterized by pale skin, freckles and bright red hair. “Gingers” are generally considered to be inferior to their more melanin-rich brethren, and thus deservingly discriminated against. Gingers are thought to have no souls. The condition, “gingervitis” is genetic and incurable. Ron Howard is a ginger. Carrot Top is a good example of why gingers should be discriminated against.

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We’re happy to see Merriam-Webster isn’t forgetting about us redheads, though.

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