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Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush Review: How It Reacted To Red Hair

We tested and tried the item on red hair for over 2 months! This is what we concluded:

You might have seen a number of dryer and styling combo tools floating around the online beauty space. These multi-use tools are a great way to get two tools in one that takes up less space and saves you time in your beauty routine. One of our favorite products is the REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush.


The Revlon brush is normally $60 but you can often find it for between $38-$35. This makes it a great cost-friendly alternative to the Dry Bar Blow Dry Brush which retails for about $150. The Revlon brush has thousands of good reviews across retailers like Amazon and Target as well as on social media. 

H2BAR’s very own Adrienne has been trying out this specific dryer brush for some time now and she’s giving us her thoughts as well as a few tips and tricks for usage.

Adrienne’s Thoughts

The pros: This tool helps to replace a blow-dry. When I did my hair using the Revlon brush, my husband asked if I had been to the salon. The results are great and this tool would be perfect for travel. The price can’t be beaten and it’s a handy tool to have when you want a more polished look at home.”

The cons: “This didn’t cut down my blow dry time. It still took me about 30-40 minutes. Granted I have waist-long hair and it’s very thick. I was hoping it would speed the process up but I am still happy with the results.” 

Overall: I’m very happy with the product and will continue to use it. I do still enjoy a professional blow-dry, but it’s a great at-home alternative.” 

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Tips and Tricks

Keep the heat low – Like any hot tool, the higher settings are usually a bit too hot for your hair. Keep the temp low to reduce heat damage.

Wear earplugs – This may sound crazy, but low and high are quite loud in the ears. You’ll have a better experience if you purchase earplugs with the hair-dryer. 

Use heat protection – With any hot tool you use, you want to make sure you’re using heat protection to avoid drying out your hair and causing further damage. Make sure to spritz some on before you start, and consider sectioning your hair to apply it to every layer.

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Touch up a blowout –The Revlon brush is great for touching up a blowout and in-between salon appointments. You won’t get the full effects of a blowout but if you want to do your hair at home this will help you achieve the look. 

Use it on damp hair, not wet hair – The brush works best when used on hair that is at least 50% dry. It cuts back on time and heat damage. Let your hair air dry and then run through it with the dryer brush to get the finishing touches.

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