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Emmy Award Winning Beauty Expert: The 3 Basic Makeup Tips for Redheads

“From my experience of working with redhead beauties, lashes and brow color are extremely important,” Emmy Award Winner and Beauty Expert James DeMarco. “If you are not a natural redhead and want to look like you are, I always recommend that you have your brows professionally lightened to a suitable matching hair tone. If you notice, most natural redheads have lighter eyebrows than their hair.”

Here are DeMarco’s three basic makeup tips for redheads:

1. Brow Tips: “I like to mix a red and blonde brow shadow makeup together for the perfect color. Since lashes are just as important and fairer skin redheads may have lighter brows, I suggest dark brown mascara – it will look more natural. An alternative would be to have the brows professionally dyed.” If you want to amp up your look, wear black mascara for an extra pop.

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2. Cheeks and Lips: “Lastly, it’s important to keep cheek and lip colors on the warmer side for redheads. You can go bold but make sure it’s a warmer hue.”

3. And one BIG tip: “Always remember, no hot pink eyeshadows for redheads!”

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Photo  © How to be a Redhead, Kara Kochalko Photography