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Day or Night: Redhead Makeup in 5 Minutes

By: Tessa Viole

Like most people, we can all get extremely busy from time to time (some people more than others), and we don’t always get the chance to utilize our beauty collection to the fullest when we’re pressed for time.

Here are my fast spring/summer day and night redhead makeup tips for girls on the go!

Day: The goal is to look understated 

1. Moisturize: Whether it’s a BB cream, normal moisturizer, or a liquid foundation it’s important to keep your skin moisturized (these products are even better if they have any sort of SPF in them to keep your face from getting sunburnt), even in the spring and summer. Opt for a product that is lightweight so it won’t melt off of your face in extreme heat.

2. Concealer: For me, it’s important that I always use concealer on a daily basis because I’m prone to dark circles under the eyes. If you are, too I would definitely suggest using concealer for extra coverage. If you don’t normally use concealer, feel free to skip this step.

3. Mascara: is a necessity for every redhead woman, and along with lips, can tie your makeup look together since it can bring such attention to the eyes. Any kind of waterproof mascara is always recommended.

4. Lip balm/Gloss: It’s also important to keep your lips hydrated. Keep things simple with a lip balm or lip gloss (sometimes I even use both to create ultimate moisture along with some shimmer).

Night: The goal is bold

Let’s say you’re out with your friends and you’re getting ready to go out to the first party of the summer, but don’t have the time to throw on a fresh coat of makeup. Here are some tips to achieve a great night look.

1. Refresh: Even though you can’t take off all of your makeup and start fresh, there is something you can do. Rub a piece of rice paper on your skin (you can find these at the drug store. They’re usually called “oil blotting sheets”) which live up to their name. They remove the excess oil from your face to eliminate shine.

2. Blush: A bit of blush gives a bit of color to your face and sometimes can look better at night than it does during the day.


3. Eyeshadow: A bright, shimmery eyeshadow can also give you a great pop of color (pastel pinks, golds, or silvers can work best) and can accentuate the eyes even more when wearing mascara.

4. Bright lipstick: Lastly, a bright and bold lip color can also amp up your look and flatter the face better at night than during the day.


Now that you’ve read my tips, what are your favorite ways to glam up on the go? Which products can you not leave home without?



Photo: (c) How to be a Redhead, 2013 Rock it like a Redhead Event