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4 Redhead Makeup Myths Debunked

Updated in August 2020

By: Guest Writer, Erin Haight

What is the best blush for redheads? What is the best foundation for redheads? What is the best lipstick color for redheads? Since the dawn of time (okay, maybe not that long, but a really long time ago) when these questions were asked, someone’s response was something like, “Redheaded women cannot wear color. Opt only for browns and nudes.”

What? Why? Who knows?

For some reason, those “standards” have stuck in the beauty industry and very few have been adventurous enough to break the cycle.

Until now.

For instance, why not throw in some flashes of color to complement those red hot tresses this summer? Nearly every single cosmetic company has launched a brightly hued collection this season from Dior to Bobbi Brown and Maybellineand I say you should absolutely go for it.

So, let’s get to discover more myths and some facts about redheaded makeup:


Myth: Legend has it that redheads should never wear nudes, and if you wear orange, red or pink you are making a huge mistake.

Fact: Haven’t they seen Rodger Rabbit? I mean come on that Jessica Rabbit is one red hot redhead, and those lips, yowza.  If you have fair skin, go for reds and pinks with “cool tones” in them, meaning, they have hints of blue in the undertones.

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If you want to go for a nude pout, by all means, do it! Here is my only tip: i1f you are going or a nude lip (don’t forget to use a complementary lip liner too), really play up your eyes with some “smoke” on your lids.

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Myth: Fair skin requires a darker foundation.

Fact: If you have a lighter complexion and feel a bit on the pasty side, don’t darken your foundation (please), simply add some color to your cheeks with blush. Your base should match your skin tone perfectly and should not cover up your skin, but rather just even it out.

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Myth: There are so many stinking myths that redheads can’t wear certain kinds of blushes. Do wear pinks. Don’t wear orange. Do lean towards earth tones. But whatever you do, do not wear red. See what I mean? I’m spinning!

Fact: To be totally honest with you, redheads can pull off a wide array of colors as long as it goes with the rest of your look. Oranges, plums, pinks, roses, and in-between can all be suited to your makeup look regardless of your hair color.

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Myth: Redheads should only wear earth-toned eyeshadows.

Fact: Redheads can really play with eyeshadow palettes, lucky girls! Ladies with red hair can also dig into earth tone colors like copper, gold, brown, and taupe all the way to purple, green, turquoise (look AMAZING on redheads) and even blue.

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Do you have any myths you want to break? Leave your comments below!