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Alyssa Showalter

Are Redheads Also “Moon Children”? Evidence Points to Yes…

Do you consider yourself a redhead Moon Child?


I am not one to point and label people, and in fact, I do everything in my power to avoid labels since this world has so many of them. Sometimes, labels can make introductions tricky. However, they are still important when understanding who we are as people.

If you ask me to put a label on myself, I would say I am a redhead and a ‘moon child’.

Weird I know, but I shall explain.

I recently found out about “daywalkers”, those who have the ability to sit in the sun and not turn into a lobster. Basically, it’s just about everyone in the world except redheads (and the fair share of blondes and brunettes who are light-skinned too).

I, a redhead, am a child of the night. A moon child.

I have very sensitive skin that is one or two shades whiter than bleached flour. I have no reflection, and the proof is in my photos (especially when they are taken outside); I always appear to be a bad photoshop job of a floating head with red hair, clothes and shoes.

By now you may think this is a sarcastic joke, but for those who are extremely sensitive to the sun, you know this is no laughing matter. I am sensitive to almost everything that is sunny — and daytime life itself.

I’ve experienced my eyes getting sunburned, which just made me look like I was drunk. I keep most of my rooms dim or dark. Yes, I’m sensitive to indoor lighting, and I can get over heated from them.

My skin has endured a childhood of California and Arizona summers, full of sunscreen and long sleeve shirts and pants. I’ve experienced a sunburn on my scalp, as well as earning more freckles in places that have never seen the sun. I’m a very sensitive being that can only handle short spurts of sun.

It is not a lie when I tell you that I got sunburned in the shade.

The sun just hates me and I have to live by that fact.

It all makes sense now why I have always enjoyed sunsets and night time. I am able to walk around without fear of getting burned or overheated.

As a teenager, I would express my love for the dark (to mostly freak people out), but now I just keep it to myself. I enjoy the cool air, as well as the feeling calm and at peace. This does not stop me from living a life in the day, but this article will explain to some why I wear sunglasses, put on tons of sunscreen and wear nothing but long sleeves and pants.

Now you know why I consider my redhead-self a moon child.

If you are a redhead who is also a moon child, don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun, and some dangers of nightlife. Also, don’t forget to Rock it like a Redhead! 

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