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8 Gorgeous Redhead Hairstyles You Can Wear Under a Hat

Quick Easy Styles to Rock with Your Favorite Fall Hat!

Hats are a must-have fall accessory for redheads. They can hide dirty hair or a bad hair day, they can dress up a simple outfit, or they can bring your entire look together. Styling your red hair under a hat can be tricky because only part of your hair will show and you want it to look its best. Here are 8 gorgeous ways to style your hair for when you wear hats this Redhead Season: 

1. Vintage inspired curls: 

Vintage curls can really dress up a fall look and give you a whimsical look. This style works great under hats like berets and straw hats.

2. Blow out

A sleek blowout with a little body is perfect for wearing under any type of hat. It will make you look put together while still feeling effortless. 

3. Double Braids: 

Probably the easiest hat hairstyle is the double braids. It works on both clean and dirty hair, can be done in just a few minutes, and requires no heat.

4. Low bun:  

Another effortless hat hairstyle is a low bun. It helps to keep your hair out of your face while still looking chic. To keep your face framed, try leaving out some pieces near your face if you don’t have bangs.

5. Soft waves: 

Gentle waves add a little texture and body to your hair without feeling overdone. Focus primarily on the pieces around your face for added volume. 

6. Romantic Side Braid: 

Try a side fishtail or regular braid for a romantic look. Pull out pieces around your face to frame it and soften the look. 

7. Voluminous Curls: 

Style your long red hair into full-bodied curls to get that red mane effect under your favorite hat. 

8. Blunt & Textured: 

If you’ve got a blunt cut, try adding a few little kinks for texture that will still let your sleek cut shine. 

Bonus: Faux Fishtail Braid

Looking for a new do that’s a step up from a classic fishtail? Try this faux fishtail that’s full of volume. 


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