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7 Special Skin Tips Redheads Should Follow This Fall

Time to Update Your Skincare Routine

It’s officially fall! This means it’s time to start swapping out your summertime skincare routine for your fall routine. For most of us, fall brings cooler, dryer weather which means our skin can get very dry. Here are 7 ways you can help your skin adapt to the changing weather: 

1. Add extra moisturizer

Your skin is craving that added moisture, so apply the moisturizer a little thicker in the fall. If you have dry areas like knees and elbows give it an extra coat that it can soak up to keep the skin nice and soft. 

2. Try a thicker moisturizer

In addition to using more moisturizer, fall is a good time to swap out your lightweight moisturizer for something a little thicker. Thick moisturizers are good to use through the fall and winter

3. Don’t over exfoliate

If your skin is dry, it may become flakey or ashy, and you might be tempted to exfoliate all of that away. It’s good to keep exfoliating, but you can irritate your skin by over-exfoliating. Try gentle exfoliating and always moisturize after you’re done.

4. Keep wearing sunscreen

Just because the sun isn’t shining brightly every day doesn’t mean you can stop wearing SPF. Cloudy days are some of the most likely days to get sunburn and skin damage so always wear your SPF and check the UV index to see your risk.

5. Turn down the shower heat

Hot water can be an added irritant to dry skin, so try turning down the temp a bit. Bathing in warm water instead of hot is less irritating to the skin and won’t dry you out. 

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6. Use foot and hand cream

Hands and feet can get extra dry in the colder parts of the year so be sure to apply a generous layer of hand and foot cream on a regular basis to keep them nice and soft. 

7. Add humidity

Depending on the climate you live in, adding some humidity back into the air of your home may help with dry skin. You can do so by adding a humidifier to your house. 

Rock it like a Redhead!


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