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7 Redhead-Friendly Holiday Outfit Ideas

Find inspo for your holiday outfits

Still, trying to figure out your holiday outfit? Of course, you want to be cute and festive, but also comfortable. We’ve got you covered with 7 holiday outfit ideas. These fits are perfect for holiday parties, family gatherings, and of course, Christmas Day:

1. Velvet Pants

If you don’t want your look to scream Christmas but still want that chic holiday vibe, try some velvet pants with a neutral top. Opt for darker more wintery colors like red, navy, and green.

2. Sequin Skirt

For the ultimate show stopper, you have to get your glitter on. A shimmery sequin skirt paired with a sweater or long-sleeve top is perfect for a festive evening or holiday party

3. 90s Apres-Ski

Want a more casual vibe? Try the 90s apres-ski look that is super trendy and cute. Pair your festive sweater with simple bottoms and a pair of warm fuzzy Uggs for an adorable look. 

4. Plaid Skirt + Sweater

A fun festive look to wear out and about or to work is a plaid skirt paired with a sweater. Choose from tons of plaid options and different skirt lengths, then pair it with a neutral or coordinating top. 

5. Jumper Dress

A stylish fall and winter piece you can never go wrong with is the jumper dress. For the colder months, we love a velvet or corduroy jumper dress paired over a long sleeve or turtle neck. Pair with your favorite boots.

6. Silk Skirt + Sweater

If you need to be a bit dressed up but still casual and comfortable, opt for a silk skirt and a nice winter color. Pair it with your favorite sweater and heels or boots

7. Festive Pajamas

And of course, what most of us will be wearing on Christmas day, festive PJs. Find a pair of cute holiday jammies or just a matching set in a festive color and you’ll be cute and cozy all day long.


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