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7 More Reasons Why Redheads Should Love Lucille Ball

As told by her one-of-a-kind facial expressions

By: Adina Bernstein 

Lucille Ball is more than the iconic redhead. She is an innovator, a trailblazer and a woman who more than deserves our respect.

You may have read the 12 Reasons Why Every Redhead Should Love Lucille Ball. Well, here are 7 more!

1. Lucille Ball was not a born redhead

…but she arguably defined what it is to be a redhead!

2. On screen Lucy Ricardo’s character was ditzy, but her real life alter ego was the opposite. 

With her then husband (and leading man) Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball started Desilu Productions and helped to create the television industry as we know it to be today. She was not just the star of I Love Lucy, but in charge of production behind the scenes. Not bad for a woman in the 1950’s.

3. Lucille Ball paved the way for every female comedian who has come after her.

Without her influence, many of today’s successful female comedians would not have had even a chance of a career in comedy.

4. While Lucy’s on screen antics made audiences laugh (especially when it comes her escapades in trying to establish a career), she made a small, but measurable dent in what would become the women’s movement.

A generation of young girls watching I Love Lucy during its original run would later change the world by demanding equal rights, including the right to a meaningful career.

5. I Love Lucy is still one of the funniest shows on television.

Decades after it left the air, reruns can still be found on television somewhere in the world.

6. I Love Lucy celebrated female friendship.

Lucy and Ethel were the original TV BFFs who defied, then and now, the stereotypes of female friendship.

7. I Love Lucy was the first television show to depict the life of an interracial couple.

The show was originally based on a popular radio program, My Favorite Husband. When it came time to transfer the radio show to the new medium of television, the network wanted the actor who played Lucy’s husband to reprise his role. Instead she fought to have Desi play her husband. Compared to the other white bread suburban homogenized married couples that appeared on television at that time, Lucy and Ricky’s marriage had an air of authenticity that still rings true today.

Decades after I Love Lucy left their airwaves, the show’s title character and the woman who played her continues to inspire audiences and the make us laugh. For that reason, the 7 reasons above and the 12 previous reasons, we love Lucy and always will.