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6 Things Every Mother Should Tell Their Redhead Daughter

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1. Never dye your hair.

Most redheads, at one point or another, want to blend in with the crowd and ask to dye their hair. It’s a mothers duty to make sure their daughter sticks to their natural roots.


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2. Never cover your freckles.

Kids can be cruel and make jokes like, “I can connect the dots.” Tell your freckled-face daughter to rock those freckles and a few beauty tips like this can make her feel even more beautiful.


3. Embrace your skin.

A few trips to the beach with friends can make a redhead want to run straight to a tanning salon and ask for a spray tan. Educate her on the use of sunscreen and the uniqueness of porcelain skin.


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4. Redheads have personality stereotypes, don’t fight it. Have fun with it!

Common questions amongst strangers: “Are you fiesty?” “Your hair tells me you’re crazy.” Tell her not to get frustrated. It’s best to laugh it off!


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5. Don’t resent your hair because of bullying.

The “right guy” will be head over heels in love with her and her red hair. And, as she gets into her adult years, every guy will love her unique beauty.


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6. Be yourself. Never try to be anyone else.

The best thing any person can do is: be themselves. It’s true beauty. Tell her to Rock it like a Redhead and allow her to fall in love with her one-of-a-kind appearance. 


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