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5 Tips on How Redheads Can Beat the Common “Bald Spot” Cowlick

Bye Bye, Faux Bald Spot

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“The back of my head is none of my business.” If you’ve heard this, we may be best friends.

If you’ve ever taken a mirror and peeked at the back of your head, you might have noticed something. Many people have a cowlick at the back of their heads. For some people, the cowlick is centered while others are more to the left or the right. For those with long hair, this can cause the part to extend into the cowlick and leave you with what looks like a bald spot. Here’s how you can fix it:

1. Re-train your hair

Cowlicks happen because the hair grows in a different direction than the rest of the hair. There’s no way to really remove the cowlick, but you can try to retrain the hair. You can do this by brushing it in the opposite direction and using hairspray, gel, mousse pomade or, a clip to try and train it. You can also train your hair to part in a different spot which may help to recuse the cowlick. 

2. Tease the roots

Since this specific cowlick often appears right at the crown of the head behind the part, you can usually tease up some of the roots to help the hair cover the area. Adding this little bit of volume will give more coverage and keep the hair locked in place. 

3. Blow it out

For most people, this cowlick can actually be blow-dried away, using a blow dryer and a round brush you can create tension in the hair and force it out, but this will only last as long as the hair holds the blowout and if you’re not skilled with a blow dryer and round brush it might not be the best option.

4. Over-correct it

One way you can surely style your own hair to cover your cowlick is by over-correcting it with heat. Once you’ve finished styling your hair, take a straightener and straighten just the root in the opposite direction the hair is going. 

5. Be mindful when styling 

Often we actually make the cowlick worse with the way we style our hair. Pulling all your hair to the front when wearing it down, curling your hair in the same direction as the cowlick, and not slicking down hair when worn up can all cause the cowlick to be more visible. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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