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How You Should Part Your Red Hair: Is Your Part Out of Style?

Is the side part dead?

If you’ve been following internet beauty trends, you might have noticed Gen Z taking umbrage with the side part. Millennials have been rocking the side part in various forms for the last two decades, so what are we doing now, redheads?

Middle part 

Probably the most popular part at the moment is the middle part. Gen Z is all about bringing back the trends that once were, and the middle part had its moment in the 70s. Now that it’s back many former side parters are opting to switch their style in favor of a middle part. 

To get the perfect middle part, you will want to use a rat tail comb and divide your hair evenly on each side. It may take some training for your hair to get used to the new part, so try styling it while wet and letting it try into place. The middle part does help make the face look more youthful and symmetric, but it might not be for all face shapes or hairlines. 

Zig-Zag part 

Hello, throwback! The zig-zag part was huge in the 90s and early 2000s but it’s making its way back into style with the “Y2K” look that is popular among the younger generation. Bella Hadid was recently seen rocking a zig-zag part and we might see it pop up a lot more on influencers and celebs. 

Zig-zag parts can also be achieved with a rat tail comb too. Start with a middle part and then pull triangular sections in either direction until you’ve created the zigzag effect. Since a zig-zag part is a little hard to keep perfectly in place, it works best up in updos or even fun pigtails! 

Natural part

The natural part is where your hair would naturally lay. If you have a cowlick this might be slightly off-center or deeper to the side. Natural parts look great because it’s how your hair sits best and it’s the state your hair will return to if not forced into a part. 

The easiest way to see where your natural part is is to flip your hair upside down and then back up. Let your hair fall where it may and adjust accordingly. 

Side part 

Style is relative, so we say if you like your side part, keep on rocking it! Some people’s hair type, texture, and cut just look better with a side part and you have to do what feels best for you. If you’ve never rocked a side part before, try it!

Side parts look great with curls or big volume and can be created as close to the center of the hairline or as far away as you like to create the perfect look.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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